What it's Like Being a 20-Something in 2018


Pop culture always makes it out like your teens are the hardest years of your life. And they are for certain reasons (hello puberty and high school), however, in my opinion, my twenties have been the hardest - definitely the most fun - but also the most challenging. You might be studying, traveling, working, trying to start a business or maybe settling down and having kids. Everyone is at different stages of their life and sometimes it can feel like you’re the only one looking around saying, “How is everyone doing this?!?!”. So, I decided to ask some people in my life to sum up their twenties (so far) in a couple of sentences to see what other people think of the most transformative time of your life.

Being in your 20’s, while fantastic, is the hardest, most confusing time of my life. I did the ‘right things’ left school and went straight to uni, got a degree but then found I was ‘too young’ for any job I was qualified for. It’s having friends who are settled down, getting married and having babies, but also having friends who still live at home and have never had a partner. It’s still calling your mum when you can’t remember how to tell if an egg is rotten or not, but it’s also going on a solo trip overseas. It’s about learning life is short, but also really fucking long. - Claire, 22.

Being in your 20's is an utterly beautiful freefall, where you're able to make any choice you'd like but will probably second guess it at every third hour until the end of time. - Jesse, 22.

Being in my 20’s feels like I’m running for my life; but I’m still confused about whether I’m running toward something, or if I’m running away. - Emma, 22. 

It’s living one beautiful yet anxiety producing paradox; while I have the ability to create any life I want with more choices than ever before, any wrong decision is bound to be irreversible and life-changing. When has utter freedom and an abundance of choice ever felt so simultaneously constricting and suffocating? - Eilidh, 21.


I’ve worked harder than ever before but I’ve had the rewards (and the setbacks) that have come with that. I feel like you always have this expectation to have your life together after you turn twenty - but no one really has their life together at any age, I think. I’m kind of juggling my career and work as well as full-time uni, so some may think I’m not taking “full advantage” of being young like some of my friends are (going out, partying etc) but everyone is at different stages and want different things out of their twenties! - Lizzie, 21. 

I think my twenties feels like drowning in a cloud in the sky, it's cold and wet but you're still flying and you'll be able to breath soon. -  Dylan, 23. 

Life as a twenty something in 2018 is probably one of the more confusing stages in life, I find that everything we do is media orientated and we some how always end up talking about how we will win large amounts of money to pay off our HECS debt and get our dream house that is almost impossible to afford. Honestly, I feel everyone within my friends group is figuring out who they really are and who they want to be and it is beautiful to watch unfold. Sometimes it’s hard being in a world that rapidly changes and you feel just that little bit too young to stand your ground but there are so many amazing possibilities for us and I’m excited to see what we achieve. - Tess, 23.

My twenties have been a jungle of chaos, love and friendships… knowing how to put myself forward has been the best lesson I have learnt so far. - Grace, 23. 

Jasmine Wallis