I’ve just woken up from a two and a half hour nap after finishing my 7th day of work in a row. With two more to go I’m motivated to finish this marathon but also just want to lie in a crumpled ball for four days. Whilst studying and running this online magazine I also waitress and like most University students I’m back to full time during the summer holidays.

The long hours walking in circles around a café has begun to numb my brain and my inspiration. Watching the sun come up outside the windows at 6am and witnessing the stream of my regular customers as well as added tourists flow in throughout the day, laughing and catching up with friends has made me think of what it means to be free and enjoy your life, uninhibited.  

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my job and I’m there by choice. It means I can afford to pay for this website and buy myself food and clothes. (Great investment’s really). But waking up after your seventh day in a row, your feet aching and your muscles stiff, listening to people play in the pool outside during the middle of summer makes me pine for some adventure.  

Therefore the theme for this month’s magazine is ‘Uninhibited’. Think of long summer days, the days you spend all day at the beach and come home salty at dusk, running sand down the hallway.  The hours spent at festivals watching your favorite bands you’ve listened to all year live in front of your eyes for the first time. Sitting outside in your backyard with your friends, drinking tinnies and makeshift cocktails out of whatever you have left in your pantry.

These are the days you’re going to remember when you’re old and get nostalgic over couples sharing ice-cream and friends coming home sunburnt together on the tram after forgetting the sun-cream.

So cheers to an ‘Uninhibited’ summer, a summer of freedom, of memories and of creating the best possible you to launch you into the New Year.

Meet you at the beach…


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Jasmine Wallis