Letter From the Editor no. 1

I'm not sure why it's taken me so long to write the first letter for the magazine. Maybe it's because I wanted it to be independent from myself. Whilst at the moment I'm founder, editor, designer, tech support, social media marketing and the person you've all been emailing, this magazine is about so much more than me.

Right now it's the morning of November 9th 2016, by the end of this day, one of the most influential countries in the world could have their first female President. I was only twelve years old when Barack Obama was sworn in in 2008 and I remember my mum making me watch the TV that afternoon when I got home from school in a small beach town in New South Wales, Australia, pointing at the screen, "Wow... A black man is President! Do you know how special this is?!" To be honest, at the time I didn't, I was concerned about being the first girl who got her period that year and if the boys in my maths class thought I was cool. 

However, as time has passed and I've grown up, I know how important it was to have a black man in that position of power and now, we could have a female up there in the Whitehouse. It's pretty special that the two Presidents I remember being sworn in will be a black man and a woman. 

Over the past few months, in the lead up to the election there has been some very hard-to-watch moments in the News and media and creating a magazine like GENZINE has been cathartic and a safe space to indulge my creative ideas and meet talented, amazing people. 

I created this magazine for our generation, the millenials, the digital generation, the generation who are called lazy, entitled and selfish. I became frustrated at this slander and stereotyping because all around me I could see talented young people, kind people, accepting people wanting to create change. GENZINE is a safe, accepting place for intersectional feminism, LGBTQI people and creatives of all social classes. 

GENZINE is a magazine for you. If you have something to say, write, create and need a platform for it to be published, it's here. My ultimate goals for this magazine are:

1) To create a print version within a year. 

2) To create a community of kind, accepting humans who want to create change in their world. 

I feel incredibly privileged to be a woman in 2016 and at twenty years old, editing my own magazine and working towards my dreams, I'll be able to say that a female is President of the United States in just a few hours... And yes I'm telling myself she's already won because the alternative is not a society or world that myself or this magazine believes in.

Thank you to everyone who has submitted so far and please continue to do so. I can't create a collective and community on my own, it's you who make it happen. 

Thank you so much, 


Jasmine Wallis xx

Jasmine Wallis