Interview with Caity Krone

Covering The Eagles, Carole King and Billy Joel on her Soundcloud account, Caitlyn Krone is your modern day crooner who's voice exudes soul and passion. Hailing from Los Angeles, California, Caity is a multi-talented gal and just down-right great human pursuing her dreams and talents. I got to ask her a couple of questions to get to know this girl on the rise... 

How long have you been singing for? 

I've always loved to sing but I grew up with really low self esteem. When I was 16, I went to a health and fitness retreat and really began to love and appreciate myself and my body and that's when I started pursuing it. I got home from the retreat that summer, got a band together and started booking shows on the sunset strip. 

You have an Instagram for your photography as well. What's your favourite aspect about working with film?

I never understood the hype about working with film until I started using it. Film just has a sort of personality you don't find in digital photos. It gets frustrating when you forget to look at your light meter, haha. 

You were recently a part of the Girl Gaze Project, a curation of "how creative girls see the world", what was it like being a part of the exhibition?

The story of the photo that got in the exhibit is on 'caitytakesphotos' [editor's note: Photo & Caption attached below] - it's the self portrait. It's amazing to be a part of a community of so many talented, creative, kindhearted individuals. Meeting people at the exhibit and at HQ was such an amazing experience! It's also humbling because I'm just starting out and some of the work of these young photographers is honestly breathtaking. I'm like "And I thought my pictures were good?!" Haha. But it's such a supportive and incredible community that I feel lucky to be a part of.

"This photo was from a day that I was meant to shoot a video for one of my songs. I got all dolled up, saved up for ages and I felt so beautiful. The videographer didn't send me the video - she took my money and ran, leaving me with only a damaged negative sheet from a Hasselblad I rented for the day. The one photo that I captured, I scanned and edited myself that day, this self portrait, ended up in the Annenberg Space for Photography and brought me to the community of passionate, talented, beautiful individuals at @girlgazeproject. In the words of @rowanblanchard last night, "That's the Universe, man." A Frame of Mind is at Annenberg Space until February 2017." 

What inspires and excites you at the moment? 

I'm inspired by Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Nicks particularly, and London. I've also really been enjoying Ernie Barnes's art. I'm excited about being able to sit down and write a little bit more easily. I used to be so scared the word wouldn't come out right so I just wouldn't write anything. It's so cathartic to just sit down and let the words come out. It can relieve a lot of pain or bring back fond memories. I'm also learning the guitar now, which feels so great. 

If you could brunch with three people in the world dead or alive, who would they be and why?

Lin Manuel Miranda, Carole King and Chance the Rapper, that would be an ace combination!

Caity's Soundcloud is linked below and you can find her photography account here & personal account here... 

Jasmine Wallis