Just Being.

Studying Popular Culture (majoring in Media) at University is a strange one. People look at you like, "Well... what can you do with that?" And to them I say, I've learnt more about human sociology and behaviours in the past five weeks than I have in thirteen years of schooling. Ideologies, deep seeded issues of sexism and racism and the social constructs that create our world view. 

A passage I read in a reading today by Kate Milestone and Anneke Meyer titled, "Gender and Popular Culture" explores how important representation in the media is. 

"Gender is one of the key social constructs in contemporary culture and marked by power struggles and inequalities. Gender hierarchies and inequalities are maintained, among other factors, by meanings and belief systems and these are in turn generated through representation." 

Exploring the theme of gender and sexuality, I took some photos of my friend Amy on a sunny day in March and the results show a 'twenyty-something' year old person in 2017, not pandering to gender stereotypes, his or her sexuality or the gaze of the camera, just being.