I’m a freelance writer, editor, and journalist based in Bristol, U.K (for now). I usually reside in Melbourne, Australia where I’m currently completing my Bachelor of Communications majoring in Media. I just finished a semester abroad in Amsterdam studying a Minor of International Journalism in which I was the Editor in Chief of the project’s print magazine.

When I’m not studying or moving countries I write about culture, fashion, music, art, and current affairs. From 2016 - 2019 I was the founder of GENZINE, an online magazine showcasing inspiring young people and artists I felt deserved a platform.

My work has been featured in magazines such as Frankie, St. ALi, BRICKS, and Catalyst in which I’m currently on the editorial committee. I’ve also done some radio work for Triple R and HvA Campus Creators. You can find all of my work on this very website if you fancy a browse!

Feel free to contact me about future work, stalk my socials, or just say hey (obviously this is why you’re here) down below.